Chalk Line
Tamara Reynolds Chalk Line surveyors chalk on paper, looping soundscape
Chalk Line, installation view
surveyors chalk on paper, looping soundscape
20x30"/5:45 minutes

Progress, whether couched in societal or artistic terms, poses difficulties in mapping, due to the fact that it exists as a perspective, a moving target if you will, living superimposed upon the immateriality of our process.
The impermanent medium of surveyor’s chalk was utilized to convey the conceptual nature of a walk along a line segment on a fixed plane, and then to have traced the correlating ephemeral, sonic experience in real space. In this way, the work simultaneously represents the definitive, conceptual, and illusive nature of progress.

Tamara Reynolds Chalk Line
Chalk Line

October 19, 2pm, moderate rain, coordinates:42°54’21”N 72°03’39”W